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Hello all!  This is Autumn.  I’m so excited about the evolution that is occurring here between MSLL and Salted Rim Designs!

I will be staying on as the primary design consultant, so you can be sure to see a great blend of the styles you’ve grown to love with an added twist.  And I’m sure I will sprinkle in adorable pics of Ethan so you can get your “cute fix”.
More and more, I am getting inspired by the unique industrial look of incorporating galvanized pipe into design.  I have already done something similar to this for shelving in my home-based work shop, but now I’m looking forward to my next mission – my new work space in the office.


I will be taking over what some of you might remember as “Paul’s Corner.”  I’m making a new desk out of galvanized pipe for the base, my own signature laminated plywood top in an “L” shape for added work space, and floating shelves.


After a few revisions and a lot of hours of hard work, I’m excited to share the finished product…


First, let’s look back at what was.

I needed to streamline the design to better suit my needs for both planning for and presenting to our clients. The “L” shape surface gives me much more room to layout out samples and catalogs. I also wanted to incorporate finishes that would coordinate with the adjoining demo kitchen for our cooking classes.


And like it was said in Cinderella, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.
WHOOSH! (Another wave of the magic wand)


The industrial desk, floating shelves, and custom drapery panels are complete!


*Enjoy the view now because it will never be this tidy again. Hey! I’m a firm believer that a cluttered desk is a sign of genius!
Design details include:
– Laminated plywood top is distressed in a layered washed finish of gray and turquoise
– Roll out trays with soft close glides re-purposed as drawers
– Sturdy galvanized pipe desk base
– Monitor shelf supported by pipe brackets
– Drapery panels (making the window appear wider) feature grommets and a pipe drapery rod
– Floating shelves flank the window for added storage and visual balance


Come by and see it for yourself in person!